Tools of Freedom

– аlternative to fake-democracy

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       NB: There is no personal freedom without public freedom.

Hanna Arendt

  1. Right to call referenda by 50-100 000/200 000 signatures (law/ constitution) without a quorum for validity, forbidden questions and other cunning constraints in procedure. (NO to the wall of 400 000 signatures collected in 3 months, NO tounallowed questions, NO to quorum for validity!)
  1. Right to call referenda in the EU by 3 000 000 signatures, collected in 18 months in 7+ member-states(proportionally to the number of population).
  2. Right of legislative initiative for citizens by 50 000, resp. by 1 000 000 signatures in EU (collected in 12 months in 6+ member-states by all means, incl. Internet) on ALL legislative issues, incl.EUniontreaties with state-funded drafting of alternative legislation by paid CIVIC FORUMS of 100-200 citizens selected by lot from a list of educated volunteers, assisted by experts.
  1. Right to collect signatures and vote online in Bulgaria and the EU.
  1. RIGHT to recall all elected public officials in Bulgaria and EU by 20 000-30 000, resp. 200 000-300 000 signatures (collected in at least 10 Member States proportionally to the number of population).
  2. Direct access to public airwaves by open phones in prime time daily with civic control in studio – both in Bulgaria and the EU.
  3. Direct election of heads and members of executive boards of public radio and TV+ the members of the Council for Electronic Media (the ”ministry of truth”) after rising the number of their members up to 25-30 including representatives of science and culture.
  1. Right of the citizens to ‘produce’ NEWS by 500-1000 signatures broadcasted for two days in all news emissions of public and mainstream media.
  1. Direct election and recall by the citizens of prosecutors, judges and the heads of the police stations in Bulgaria and relevant EU courts and the other relevant institutions.
  1. 12-18 civic jurors selected by lot with deciding in cases of serious crimes and high public interest.
  1. Direct election and recall by citizens of some ministers (finance, education, justice)and commissioners in the European Commission.
  1. Civic monitoring of all public institutions, e.g. prosecution, judicial inspectorate, public media by volunteers selected by lot from open lists.
  1. Majority civic quota selected by lot in central and regional Electoral Commissions. (Counting votes without citizens is a crime!)
  1. GENERAL ASSEMBLIES (clubs, societies) in neighborhoods and polling sections connected each to each without parties, NGOs and other mediators negotiating demands and joint action nationally, in the EU (NO GNGOs and “round tables” with pass for entry).
  1. Security neighborhood groups elected by the citizens in small localities.
  1. Compulsory basic and civic education. (illiterates are dough in others’ hands)
  1. Every educated citizen serves a period (6 months) in public agencies – ministries, municipalities, customs, etc. selected by lot.
  1. Right to state-funded public opinion polls by 1000, resp. 10 000 signatures in Bulgaria and EU.
  2. Right of citizens to directly refer to the Constitutional Court.
  1. All changes in Constitution, EU treaties and laws concerning elections, referendums and other forms of direct involvement of citizens in public government are submitted to people’s vote in referenda.

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