About us

We are Bulgarian citizens fighting for real control of the citizens in state government at all levels in Bulgaria and the EU.

Now our public servants at national and EU level serve narrow and foreign interests just because the citizens have no real control at both levels.

Real civic control shall stop authorized plunder and incomptence– the destruction caused by any public power unanchored in society.

We are convinced that direct control of citizens in public government at all levels shall revive Bulgaria and strengthen the EU.

The great disbalance in forces between citizens and oligarchy calls for stongest rights of direct civic involvement and control in all branches of power – legislative, executive, judicial and media – not to do their jobs but as corrective.

Our group emerged through the open telephones of Tangra radio during the stolen “revolution” in 1997 where over 10 000 citizens talked freely in the air for a month.

We work informally as common citizens and only when needed through a formal Societey for “Citizens Participation and Direct Democracy”.

We try to mobilize support of people who want the rights above, submit demands for working rights of direct democracy and appeals to our co-citizens in Bulgaria and the EU to connect and get more public freedom.

We support initiatives for DD rights in other EU countries because part of our sovereignty has gone to Brussels BUT without us, the citizens. We need more and stronger rights of civic involvement at this level as well if we don’t want others to decide for us without us.

 10 000 the signatures under the demands above were submitted to the Parliament, the media and other institutions, the only result beint to expose them as instruments of the oligarchy. We have no illusions they shall grant real rights of DD to us.

When protesting against specific blunders of the rulling ones, we always call for right to decide by ourselves when those chosen to serve us betray us, because most of the protests are for a change of law and why beg and wait from deaf  servants a change they dislike?! Protests  piece by piece usually get fake changes and crumbs under the table.

Displacement is the crown trick of the lame comrades’ transition to fake-democracy, fake-freedom, and fake-market competition. The only new freedoms we got are to cry the wind and  leave abroad.

Exposing fake-protests, fake-dissidents, GNGOs, and other fake ‘civic’ simulations is a part of our struggle for real democracy.

Picketing an open-air appeals in the streets and neighborhoods calling to set up local assemblies as place of debate and nationwide action are to compensate media’s blocking of inter-citizens communication, mistrust and illusionary fear making us incapable of joint action as citizens before any parties or other mediators. Let’s FIRST empower the citizens then buy “hats” if you want.

Our FB groups are “Full Civic Control”/”Пълен контрол…” and “Direct Democracy” but conversation on-line makes sense only if it begins live somewhere. Displacement is vast in the Net. NO illusions in virtual “revolution” – it’s like virtual love – no kids are born.