Direct democracy without deceit

A crazy dictator with a nuclear button, gobal viruses “from the market”, legalized corruption, dying nature –  all these are “charms” of uncontrolled power.

If the peoples decided, there would be no wars, no global viruses, legalized corruption,  dying nature!

HOW get our freedom to decide from old and new “liberators” sharing our skin served by local vendors? HOW can the peoples now actually excluded, take the wheel and decide themselves when their public servants betray them? 

Well, by (1) connecting in independent FORCE – a network of ubiquitous CLUBS OF FREEDOM, (2) negotiating among ourselves desired changes and (3) taking over the legislature by candidates that have signed an AGREEMENT to AUTHORIZE IMMEDIATELY us, the people in all the powers, incl. the “fourth” one.  NOT to do their job, but as a CORRECTIVE when they “forget” who is the SOVEREIGN.

Enough alms from “representatives”! Cover the globe with non-partisan Clubs of Freedom – in each neighborhood, directly connected without a center and open to free and equal participation. NO intermediaries! Let’s agree all together WHAT and HOW we change and take our freedom!

YOU are the savior!

The alternative to fake democracy

Tools of freedom

Tools of Freedom - аlternative to fake-democracy (open code)        NB: There is no personal freedom without public freedom. Hanna Arendt Right to call referenda by 50-100 000/200 000 signatures (law/ constitution) without a quorum for validity and forbidden questions...

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“Политическата свобода… или означава право да участваш в управлението, или не значи нищо.”  / Political freedom, generally speaking, means the right ‘to be a participator in government’, or it means nothing. p. 218              Хана Аренд „За революцията”  /  Hanna Arendt  “On Revolution”  

Как да си вземем свободата при затворена система?

С БУНТ – мирен и всенароден, за точните промени по точния начин, договорени между всички в повсеместни събрания. Иначе го крадат зад гърба ти! ;о)

За всеки, познаващ историята, непокорството е първична добродетел на човека. Прогресът е постигнат чрез непокорство и бунт.
Оскар Уайлд / Oscar Wild

писател / writer

“За Революцията” / “On Revolution” 

Никой не може да се нарече свободен, ако сам не упражнява публична свобода и не може да се нарече щастлив и свободен, ако  няма дял и не участва в упражняването на публичната власт. с. 255

No one could be called free without his experience in public freedom, and no one could be called either happy or free without participating and having a share in public power. p. 255

Хана Аренд

Ние, гражданите казваме на управляващите какво да правят, не те на нас. Ние гражданите сме шофьорът, а управляващите са колата. И ние решавама накъде, по кой път и с каква скорост да се движи тя. 

Прощална на Президента Рейгън, 1989 г.


We the People tell the government what to do, it doesn’t tell us. We the people are the driver – the government is the car. And we decide where it should go, by what route, and how fast. 

1989 Farewell address of President Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan

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